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MightyShip web design creates custom websites and media campaigns to fit you and your expanding business. We create secure fast loading websites using up to date web practices. We offer packages for search engine support to get your message out there. Best of all your website is owned by you. This means no small print gimicks or other tactics that are all to common in the web industry. The domain, files and copyrights are all owned by you. We also help keep you from losing your domain. We also monitor for content and search result hijacking. We strive to look out for our customers! We can help you establish a strong lasting presence on the web.

Attention spans are short, location is critical

Web users only make a brief scan search of search results to find the best match for what they typed in. So you need to know your market and your website has to match what users are searching for. Search engines are now location sensitive, so your website must communicate it’s market area to the search engine. Search engines learn your business location two ways, though setting up accounts like Google Places or yelp and by providing location pages on your website. Location pages are web pages that talk about your services in a city and state which you do business in. Many people type in locations in their searches and these pages will help both search engines and customers find you in an instant.

Your business is not building websites

You might be a lawyer, medical specialist, jeweler, crafter, plumber or an individual who just needs a website for your resume. We can get you there and we can help you focus on your own business and what you want to do. We manage your online campaign as much or as little as fits for your needs. For search engine marketing, we can provide supportive blog articles which use your website as a reference, boosting it up in search results. We can organize and bid for keywords with pay per click marketing. We can write custom content for your website. You know your business and we know ours. We can help.

Compatibility with major browsers and devices

Compatibility is a huge challenge in web design. Our programmers can judge and code your website to be compatible with major web browsers and web enabled devices. In many markets a sixth of website traffic comes from tablets and cellphone devices. There are more then six major web browsers people use and each has it’s own display quirks. We excel at building websites so they are compatible with all of the major devices and the new media systems such as twitter and facebook. This means that no matter how your customer connects, you can give them your best face and get your message out there.

Content management at your fingertips

If you need to edit your own website, we can help you with that. In addition our websites offer simple to use Content Management tools. Often clients need to update sections of their websites. We build your website to suit your business. We can update your website for you when you need, but we can also set it up so you can make many of these edits yourself and we can also train your employees how to make basic website edits.

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    If you need some advice for your website and you would like a free consultation, please contact us. We are a web development organization located in Easthampton Massachusetts and we love to help! Address: MightyShip Web Development 34 Spring St. Chicopee MA 01013 Phone: 1-855-WE-RALLY 1-855-937-2559 foxyform Serving Western Mass, Read More