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Defining the Search Terms of Your Market
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Both organic and paid search starts with defining the keyword for your market. These are words, phrases and locations users are likely to type in to find your product and services. If you have an existing website this involves searching though search statistics, seeing what your customers have been searching for and comparing that information to what other similar companies are doing. Then making a list of keywords to focus on for paid search bidding and for building organic search though content development.

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Search engines like Google want money and will allow you to bid for advertisement space in the search results. They employ real people to evaluate the quality of company websites like yours. Servers cost money, people cost money, all this costs money for them and selling ad space to you is how they make a profit. Also though it’s not official, if you budget some of your campaign for pay per click, then search engines like Google will help you in two ways. Search engines seem to be more careful in evaluating websites that pay them money which is great if you make a mistake and come under manual review. Also pay per click will give you predictable customer traffic based on what you pay for. and will give you traffic based on the clicks you bid for. All good search engine campaigns involve some pay per click in their marketing portfolio.

Long Tail and Organic Search

The long tail search means, searches that are found inside long sentences in your websites content. Organic search results are often long tail search results. The content for these search results can be your main website copy or content on your blogs. That is why it’s important to put up regular articles on your blogs or to have a company do this for you. The long tail search takes a lot of work and content to capture. But in the long term it pays off and will establish your website as a high quality site in the search rankings.

Article Marketing and Blogging

Your blog is a key part of your online marketing because the many unfocused articles funnel customers back to your main website as an authoritative source of information they are interested in. Also search engines prefer that unfocused blog content and news stay on your blog and your main-site be focused. This division of focused content and changing news content is a new pattern in web design that search engines are encouraging because it helps customers and keeps company websites focused on their business.

We Don’t Dilute Your Brand

Professional modern websites must have authoritative reliable content to capture the natural search result market. The latest trend search engines are encouraging companies to have a single authoritative website by penalizing companies with duplicate or similar websites. If you have two or more main websites, your business will get at least a 2/3 drop in ranking and client visits. That’s no joke. Too many web companies sell multiple websites with the promise of you getting more business, but that will actually damage your rankings in search results. You need a company that knows the importance of selling a web package that supports your brands rather then diluting it because a diluted brand damages your search rankings. If a web company tries to sell you multiple or second websites remember this, they will damage your ranking in search results. We know how to merge websites and how to support your website without damaging it. We never sell you unnecessary websites. When we build a blog for your website, it is focused on news only. The contact page remains on your main website, google places points only to your main website and authoritative articles remain only on your main website. We can build blogs on your main website or on a separate domain and sometimes both, because the search engines are now allowing that if done right. We understand the changes in search and take great care to never split your branding or set up a website that dilutes the traffic to your company. We know the industry and we know what the search engines want.

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