How does PPC work

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We analyse your market, your budget and research the search terms people looking for when they want to find your business. Then we create an ad to run and put that ad into a google adwords account. The ad is set to run for a planned amount of time. While the ad is running, the your PPC money is used to bid for places in search results and your money gets used when a user clicks on an ad. We provide you with monthly reports on your ad performance and work with you to adjust your campaign to find the right level of advertising for your business.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is all about businesses bidding for customers. For example lets imagine there was an ad for: “grey widgets”, they are just like purple widgets call or click to buy”. The ad is there to sell grey widgets and the keywords we are bidding on are “grey widgets” and “purple widgets”. Bidding for page one ad-space with Google for Grey widgets costs $5 each time someone clicks on that ad while the ad is running. Purple widgets cost $7 to get a similar space in search results but more people search for purple widgets so they keyword costs more. We would determine the best combination though bidding and experimenting. We control how much money is spent by putting spending limits on keywords like “Grey Widgets” and “Purple Widgets”. This makes it easy to determine what people are looking for and how much business you can get based on your budget.


Another realistic example, a mobile DJ that does wedding parties that DJ may spend $80 PPC per gig drawn out over $5 per click on keywords to get that one gig from search. That means to cover the cost of advertising the DJ business has to charge more on average or charge more for internet clients. With DJ gigs it’s well worth the cost and reliability to get that business, even with the increased cost.

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